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Testimonials from Bulldog Health Customers

Hi, just an update. I changed vet the first one wanted to remove the gland, I said no way. thanks to your information I have a new vet that tucked both eyes, its been a month so far so good thank you

Linda Libby & Sophie


I haven't had time to go through all of the large amount of information, but I have tested, and found to work very well the wrinkle cleaning technique. Included in it was the proper way for me to position myself to better hold Ruby to more easily perform the cleaning. Ruby looks and smells considerably better since I started using your method.



Earl Anderson & Ruby

Well, we found out that PetSmart and Petco do not carry any of your recommended feeds, so we made a trip to a specialty store for dogs and discovered that all of the foods in your book were either carried by this retailer or were available to order.

The store owner was very impressed by your recommended list and took the time to talk to us about each one. She even wrote down the prices of each brand to help us make a decision.

Our two bulldogs have slowly begun to have more solid stools during this slow changeover process. This is a definite improvement over the diarrhea that we have experienced since we've had them. And the cost difference isn't much at all. This store has gained two more customers and the information that you provided in your book on feeding has been validated by one of our local establishments.

Thanks for the help! We're on our way to having two healthy bullies.

John Tiernan

Thanks Jan,

I quickly visted and downloaded on Tuesday your Book and "The Monograph" by Farman.

Both were truly worth the money - fascinating !!!!!

Your Book I found to be extremely helpful and well written. Just after 5 minutes, there were a couple of things I was not even aware of - and I'm really glad I know, just in case something ever happens to my precious "Jack" - "fore-warned is for-armed".

Thank you once again for your follow up and attention to detail.

Cheers and Good Health to ALL Bulldogs !!

Kim Lliev

My Dizzy Dizel a 16-month-old sweet, energetic full of ideas bullie had quite a problem with skin allergy. First it attacked his ears than there were bald, red patches in his coat, tear stains and what not...
Now thanks to you is as healthy and happy as ever.


Teresa Tomek & Dizzy Dizel

Hi Jan,

I have found your Bulldog Health System to be very helpful. I have not had a bulldog before and had no clue that they require such detailed care. I am a certified dog groomer and formerly exhibited my schnauzers professionally both in Europe and the USA. So when I got a Bulldog for my husband, I was confident that I knew how to care for a dog. BOY WAS I MISTAKEN! And thank God, I found you on the web and got my hands on your Bulldog Health System!!

I have learned how to clean my bully's face correctly, what snacks NOT to feed (that by the way, we were feeding!). I found the correct dry food that he needs and learned about elevating his food.

I figured out what the issue with his paws was--he has those cysts in between his toes. That little clue of him lifting up his paw to us was the key to me finding out exactly what it was. I just thought he was being friendly and cute! Gosh! How stupid on my part! That poor bully has been in pain for the last couple of weeks and now, after reading your book and emailing you, I can get him taken care of immediately!

I can honestly say that I have learned so many important and serious health issue points in the last few weeks! I have learned how to feed my bully and what food items cause allergies or choking. I learned about being especially careful to keep his temperature under control so he doesn't get heat stroke.

And lastly, I've also learned some fun stuff about my bully, too. I can honestly say that your compilation of information is indeed well-rounded and an absolute must to have for all Bulldog owners!

I could go on and on about the smart things your system taught me, but what I really want to say is Thank You! I'm certain my bully will live a very happy and comfortable life due to what you have taught me in your books!

Tina Holloway
Heidelberg, Germany
US Military

bulldog chesterbulldog chester

Hi Jan,

You know, there is so much material that I haven't even had time to go through it all. Your book is really helpful and specific. Other bulldog books just have one or two chapters on health issues and none of them are as comprehensive as what you've put together. Using your book is a lot more reliable than searching on the internet -- there's a lot of misinformation out there. It's clear you put a lot of time into this and that you really care about your bulldogs!

Diana Harper

Dear Jan -

My girlfriend and I can't thank you enough for introducing us to your Bulldog Health System. Our bulldog's name is 'Brawn' and he has brought much joy to our lives. He is a beautiful 1-1/2 year old red and white 'show quality' bulldog with a great personality.

However, to our dismay he was sick a lot - diarrhea, throwing-up, choking, etc., and no one, not even our breeder or veterinarian, seemed to have to answers to our questions regarding 'Brawn's' health. Consequently, we were starting to feel as though we had simply purchased a sickly bulldog that was destined to a life of poor health. Even his selective hearing when we voiced a command seemed to be a concern.

However, after reading your Bulldog Health System, and related articles, we have learned that those conditions are synonymous with the bulldog breed and there are many techniques and solutions to most bulldog health problems...you simply need to know what they are and how to apply them. Your Bulldog Health System provides answers to many bulldog questions that even our veterinarian couldn't answer. Perhaps it should be required reading for veterinarians who treat bulldogs and their patients so as many bulldogs as possible can lead healthier and more enjoyable lives.

Thank you very much for caring about the bulldog breed enough to compile such valuable health information so bulldog parents around the world can become educated about the health of their bulldog so their bulldogs can enjoy healthy lives for many years to come. Keep up the great work!


Ty Hicks
Bulldog Parent

Jan -

Just a quick note to THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing your insight and experiences with all of us bulldog lovers! Since our last communication, I took your suggestion . . . and he is now THRIVING!

We immediately saw results and Winston is back to his beautiful self (outside and inside). His coat is full, soft, shiny and NOT SHEDDING! His disposition is so much better... no more throwing up..... and beyond happy & playful!

Thank you for helping (where vets could not) bring my Winston back to me!

Forever grateful...

Michellewinston bulldog



Michelle Stager & Winsotn

I am very happy and relieved to say that it is encouraging to have a resource that knows exactly what it is like to own a bulldog and everything that comes with it.

From my own experience, my vet did not how to take care of a bulldog's specific needs. I came across BHS on a websearch for bulldog skin problems, but avoided it not wanting to pay money for something I thought I could figure cout myself, which I eventually did after combing through many, many searches. That was only dealing with one issue, which was food allergies.

After that I did one more search for the health system, was so happy to find it, trusted all the reccomendations it earned from other bulldog owner's and web sites and immediately purchased the book and cd.

Thank you for the peace of mind Jan.rocky


James, Carrie and Rocky

Jan -

I would like to take the moment to thank you for the email alert regarding Nutro dog food. I have always taken pride in feeding my dog the very best of foods as he is such a loved member of our family.

I was shocked to read your email about Nutro and even more shocked when I did some research on-line only to find that I must live in a cave. I had no idea the concerns there were with the Nutro Product.

I immediately took him off the food, and talk about perfect timing there was a dog show in Toronto that weekend and I was able to get a lot of information and ask allot of questions to dog food distributors and make an educated choice of what food to change Harley too.

Within a week I saw a change in his coat as well as energy level. I thank you so very much for opening my eyes. Oh and so does Harley because he loves his new food. It is made just for the Bulldog bread and even has a special shape so they can grip the food easier.

You are the best!



I am totally amazed with your responses and immediate attention to my request. I honestly did not expect to receive the personal attention and thought that the site would be more of the generational responses in that it would be fielded by some typical systematic response system and not an
individual. The video was great and the interview very interesting. I am hoping to enjoy many years of love and affection with Roxie. I have attached several photos of Roxie for your enjoyment.
Thanks for your unselfish dedication.

Again, thank you for your timely response. I have always been a bit skeptical of the whole internet and e-mail systems. However, I am a pretty good judge of character and feel confident in you and your abilities. . . I am 35 years old with a beautiful wife of 13 years. We have 2 children ages 11 and 9. I served in the United States Marine Corps(part of my adoration of the Bulldog . . . since the addition of Roxie to our family, I have tirelessly searched and researched information about the breed. Jan, I am not just saying this to be an ego booster, but your insight, attention to detail, and overall knowledge of the breed is unsurpassed by any information I have found. Even though we have only communicated via e-mails, I feel very safe and trustworthy in all the help you have provided. As well, it honestly feels that you truly take a personal attachment to my requests, which makes me feel at ease . . . I hope, with your help, that she will grow to be a happy and healthy mature Bulldog and again I thank you for your unselfishness and dedication. SEMPER FI and God Bless

Eric Woolwine & Family & newest member Roxie

bulldog puppy roxiemarine bulldog owner

Hi Jan,

Emma was in rough shape with the mange when she came from the humane shelter a few months ago, but doing much better now. Just a few lingering things.

Your book is a great reference tool with lots of info. You have quite a bit of expertise on the subject. Best part is that you really care about their health & well being. As an animal lover myself, I can really appreciate it.

Sharen Oxman

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that your series on Bulldog health has been helping me with Rooney tremendously!

He was starting with a skin condition that I knew was an allergy but could not pin point what it was exactly...until I pulled out the Bulldog Bible!

Thank you again for always supplying such great info!
Here is an updated picture of Rooney. He is such a love!

bulldog RooneySincerely,
Christie Citsay
& Rooney
(& neices)


hi jan
yes your book has already saved the life of my 4 month old little girl pixie who ate a piece of my husbands recliner your book gave such detailed symptoms i took her to my vet and had her x-rayed and in fact she had ate something do to my qick response time to her first signs of something wrong she was treated with meds no surgery yeah and now 4 days
later she is back to perfect thanks to your insite i feel i knew what to do


Mary McDowell

hello jan,
    thank you for all your help on good foods for my bulldog London.
Shes eating Innova and doing great. Thanks again.
                            Wendy McGovern


We are bout to become an owner of a bulldog and bought this book prior to his arrival.

Thank you for you informative book, as a nurse I feel I can manage any potential problems with health, hygiene and god forbid, crises, especially now that I have awareness of potential issues. Heat stroke is one of the biggies here, it can get hot so I will institute rules for my grandchildren over playing in hot weather from the beginning.

I found the entire package informative, and loved the plates in the book [The Bulldog: a Monograph]

Thanks again,
Michele Drury
country Victoria, Australia


I have finally managed to read through the materials. It has taken me a while to do this due to lack of time, certainly not from lack of interest.

Fantastic, terrific, comprehensive are what come to mind. I am so pleased to have it. It is written with such love and affection.

I especially like the information on how to treat problems at home and how to know when it is time to make a visit to the vet.

I have always tried to do this with my dogs through the years and this will be a helpful guide.

The bonus materials are a great addition too. All in all I am very happy with it.

I also wanted to tell you how I love the videos of Archie. He is adorable!

Lorna Clark


Hi Jan,

I read your book and enjoyed it very much, lots of great information. I still have to listen to the bonus CD. That little video of Why I love My Bully Brought me and my daughter to tears!!!!  It was done beautifully!  I felt like you were writing it about my Tyke. 

. . . it is so nice to have someone I can ask a question.

english bulldog TykeThanks so much!  

Your Bulldog Buddy,

JoAnn & Tyke


Your book is great.

Thank you, you are a life safer, your book is so informative, I thought i would have no problems since I had a bully before, but i confess I did not know 1/2 of the stuff in your book, i agree before anyone owns a bully it should be the law they have to read your book. and yes i have a wounder little
doodle bug who is so cuddly and loving once i download my pictures from my camera I will send you a picture.

thanks again,

Jennifer Boyles, Salinas Ca

Thanks Jan for specific breed info on how to keep our bulldog healthy!! I really want to thank you for responding to my email I sent a long while back about my sweet "Lola". She was a very unhealthy bulldog when I purchased her at about 3 yrs old. You promptly anserwed my email personally even before I became a member because you were so concerned. Well, Lola has gone to Rainbow Bridge now. I did all I could do for her..it was just to late by the time she came to live with me. I did give her one more really spoiled and happy year tho Thanks to you and your advice. Now thanks to dedicated people like yourself my two other bullie babies are so very! very! healthy! I have changed their feeding to something so much better and know how to give very could routine care that isn't hard to do. And Thanks Jan for all the bonuses...they are like christmas to me everytime I get one :) 

connie zempel

A true bullie lover!!!  


I absolutely loved the book. It provided me with such helpful information that was so useful for my bulldog puppy Lucy.

Bulldogs are extremely precious and special animals and do require a lot of attention because they are so prone to many health problems, needless to say it can get pretty expensive.

The book provided some great alternatives that we can do right at home without the use of a vet that will keep our bulldog happy and healthy.

Thank you so much, it was exactly the resource I was looking for.

--Marissa M.

Let's face it - our loveable little "sourmug" companions come with a set of their own very special health issues! 

All those wrinkles, recessed tails, stubby legs, and funky palates can present unique concerns that are just now faced by other dog owners! 

What I love about "The Healthy Bulldog" is that the focus is strictly on our little (!) companions - and not broad-based information across all dog families that simply does not apply to our dogs. 

I have learned more about how to care for the ears, tail, and tummy of my bulldog, Pumpkin, in the few days I have had this book than I have learned in the 4 years she has owned me! 

My two vets are wonderful - and they treat a BUNCH of bulldogs - but even they were unaware of some of the issues/treatments that are in this book

Thank you very much for your love and affection for not only bulldogs - but those of us who own them. 

Getting this book - and all the supplements and support around it - has been like getting a godparent for Pumpkin! 

Best wishes - and thanks for all your efforts!

--Sherry B and Pumpkin
Thank you so much for your well-researched and well-written handbook dedicated to the healthy bulldog.  As a bulldog lover, I was aware of the various quirks in the bulldog constitution but it is disheartening when everyone from the vet to randome individuals in the street tell you how troublesome bulldog healthcare is.

I really appreciate being able to embark on a health and nutritional plan based on the information in your book, to keep my pup healthy and happy.

All of the extras from the doggie recipies to online resources are a
terrific bonus!

Aileen Ward - and Pippa thanks you too!

Your book had been a huge help to me, and I'll tell you why...

In September 2005 I got married to a member of the U.S. Air Force, who is stationed in Okinawa, Japan. On November 2, I stepped off of a plane and into my new life as a military spouce and housewife in Okinawa, with the knowledge that my husband was going to be deploying to the desert in January 2006.

By the end of my first weekend in Okinawa, we brought home the cutiest two month male bulldog puppy, my husband's dream dog. He even named him Uga, after the mascot for the University of Georgia.

Shortly after my husband's deployment in January 2006, Uga started having problems. He has been to the vet more in two months, than I have been to the doctor my entire life. He's had cherry eye surgeries in both eyes, bronchitis, an infection in his nose fold and is now beginning to recover from aspiration pnumonia and the cherry eye has returned in one of his eyes.

With being in Okinawa by myself, for the time being, in a place where bulldogs struggle because of the climate, this book has become my bible.

Thank you!
Kara J


Your book is great and had a lot of information.

I liked how it could be downloaded right onto my computer . . . there is so much more valuable information that I'm sure will help me as my bulldog continues to grow up.


We really appreciate the book that you have sent us. It has taught us alot about ways to look after and care for our baby girl. The book was very educational and well worth the money we have spent. She is our pride and joy and your book has made things alot easy with learning about bulldogs and their health.

We would like to know more about ways to train our baby girl as she is lacking in alot of obedience. We are in the process of getting her through puppy preschool and teaching her what we learnt.


Aaron Hunt and Jo Blundell

Our Maggie is obsessed with her rear end. It seems to itch all of the time. We have tried everything. Maggie is white with brown freckles but her rear end is pink from all of the itching. Your book helps. Thanks, B

you are a life-saver to me ..... I am so glad I found you by accident.  You are a wealth of information to me......I can never thank you enough!! ....I am going to print all the info you gave me and carry it with me to the pet store......thanks again. 

I'm glad I found you!



This is an awesome information source.  

I believe that all first time bulldog owners should read this practical guide to bulldog health.

--Stacy B.


I recently purchased your book and I am very glad I did. It doesn't seem to be shy of any information a bulldog owner would need.

The book is extremely easy to read and understand, as the terminology written is for a pet owner, not a vet. I have re-read sections that refer to Mia. The use of baby benadryl versus adult answered a question I was unsure about. Just a simpleconcern even tho I haven't needed it.

Another thing that has helped me to understand a condition we have to deal with is Luxating Patella in both back legs. The tendon has become stretched and Mia is scheduled for surgery. This extremely crimps her every day activity and at ten months old she cannot enjoy playing or running without temporary lameness.

Your CD was also very enjoyable and helpful and I hope there will be an addition to solutions in dealing with attitude, stubborness, food agression and jealousy with brother and sister dogs. Thank you for being so helpful
and I look forward to your updates.

Barb Lutzi

your book is great! i havent gotten all the way through it but i am thoroughly enjoying

it....some very good info in there.
this is my first time owning bullies and i need all the info i can get. i want to give them

the best treatment i can and i feel your book will help me do that.

thanks so much,
tina lynch in sc


I am so pleased to have discovered you. i have only had a copy of the healthy bulldog for a few weeks and you have already saved me a trip to the vets.

In the uk, bulldogs are less popular than in the states, so your average vet seems to know little about them, which causes the owner worry and often expense.

I have e-mailed you twice already and you have replied so
quickly with knowledgeable suggestions, I have been amazed, but then again, what more could i expect from a bulldog lover.

marie-chloe rowlands


I bought your book when I got my bulldog puppy It is my Bible to caring for my bautiful baby. She is now 6months and we have had not one skin problem. She is healthy and happy and queen of our home. I believe it is day by day good grooming constantly staying on top of the potential problems that has prevented them with her.

Thank you for your many years of contribution to this wonderful breed.


I purchased your book back in January and I Love it.  
I have 2 bullies and the wrinkles always seemed
to have an odor, by reading your book and watching
the video on how to clean their wrinkles they
tolerate it better and they tend to stay odor free longer
(if that is possible).
I also e-mailed you a couple of times with some
issues and just wanted to let you now
you were right both times.
 Thank you for all your knowledge on the breed and
the funny little extra's you send out I really enjoy them.

Sue Cain
Hyattsville, Md

Here is a picture of my baby girl......thank you for all the information you have sent me, it has answered some of my questions it has been very helpful....we are new to the world of bullies and we are just enjoying every
moment of it....

thanks again
looking forward to your next newsletter.......

Debbie McKibbon


I read the section on bloat and realized that I was giving my English Bulldog Lilly some gas forming vegetables that she loved like cabbage.  I immediately removed all gassy foods from her diet.  The thought of her possibly suffering from bloat because of foods that I was giving her was not something that I was prepared to put her through.

Lilly had been very gassy.  The flatulence was offensive aromatically and the sound effects were shocking to my guests.  She is not producing much gas now. Thank you for helping me take preventative measures that may save Lilly from an agonizing attack of bloat.

Pat Fricker


All the advice you have given to us thus far has been awesome and so very useful. You are a wonderful source of bulldog information - way better than ANY book!!!!


Anthony Liberti


We have found your book to be most informative and helpful particularly the article on wrinkle cleaning.
Our dog 'Bosun' had really smelly wrinkles but now is almost sweet smelling!!!


Di & John






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